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What do I need to teach Minimus ?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Barbara Bell has written this guidance.


There are many Minimus products. If you are new to this Latin course it is sometimes difficult to ascertain which are the essential items, and which are useful extras. I hope the following will clarify:


Essential items for the Minimus course

  1. The textbook for pupils: Minimus – Starting out in Latin (ISBN 0-521-65960-4) Designed for ages 7-10.

  2. The accompanying Teacher’s Resource Book (ISBN 978-0-521-65961 -1) This translates all the Latin; gives useful background historical information about Vindolanda and the family who are the central characters in the book; provides answers to all quizzes; has cross-curricular teaching suggestions; has 35 photocopiable worksheets.

  3. If you are worried about Latin pronunciation, there is a CD of Minimus - Starting out in Latin (ISBN 978-0-521-68146-9). The picture stories are all recorded. Very helpful for the sound of Latin, especially for non-specialists.

  4. The textbook for pupils: Minimus - Moving on in Latin (ISBN 978-0-521-75545-0) Designed for ages 10-13.

  5. The accompanying Teacher’s Resource Book (ISBN 0 -521-75546 -8) This has the same help as for Book 1, with 46 worksheets.

  6. Minimus - Moving on in Latin – CD (ISBN 978-0-521-68147-6)

NB These 6 items are all published by Cambridge University Press. They can be ordered from any bookshop.

PLP recommends the Hellenic Bookservice (20% off Minimus books plus free postage over £75 for schools working with PLP).


Useful Extras (available from Minimus)

  1. Both textbooks have an accompanying Pupil’s Workbook. Each workbook provides 2 pages of grammar practice for each chapter of the book, so 24 pages in all. Pupils can write in these and there is space for their own drawings. There are various types of exercise and they provide valuable proof of progress for Ofsted inspections. Pupils love them! NB As well as being for sale as a hard copy, this is now a free, downloadable resource on the PLP website. Notes for teachers are provided.

  2. Three sets of Minibooks. These are extra readers - simple, short stories in Latin with Helen Forte’s lovely illustrations. There are 10 Minibooks in each set (A5 size). They can be used when a pupil finishes a set task quickly, as subjects for drama or as special prizes for competitions.  Set 1 is designed for Minimus Book 1. Set 3 is designed for Minimus Book 2. Set 2 can be used with either textbook. Each set of Minibooks becomes slightly more demanding, with longer sentences and wider vocabulary. Translation sheets are provided.

  3. Minimus in Practice: The first two thirds of this book contain cross-curricular ideas for teaching Minimus, based on each of the subjects in the Primary (Elementary) curriculum. It is a book to dip into for ideas on delivering subjects for which you are responsible and/or are your passion. The last third of the book contains several quizzes, as well as ideas for using Minimus on special days throughout the calendar.

  4. Minimusculus: A simple, colourful introduction to the world of Minimus for our youngest children - approx. aged 3-6. It is mostly in English but teaches some Latin greetings and numbers. Children meet the characters in the Minimus textbook and learn about the fascinating site of Vindolanda. Notes and some Latin songs are provided for adults

  5. Minimus becoming Maximus - the first 20 years: The story of the development of Minimus from its inception.


Other Extras: We currently sell sheets of incentive stickers; Minimus pencils, badges, bookmarks, erasers, postcards, notelets, keyrings, rulers and fridge magnets.

All of these extras are only available from Minimus. Contact Nick Bell at:

Foreign Editions: The main textbooks are also available in Italian, Slovenian and Brazilian Portuguese.

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